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 E.P.P.(Elite Penguin Protecors)

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E.P.P.(Elite  Penguin Protecors) Empty
PostSubject: E.P.P.(Elite Penguin Protecors)   E.P.P.(Elite  Penguin Protecors) EmptySat Mar 31, 2007 10:56 pm

My name is pezrocker2.

I am leader of the Elite Penguin Protectors.

To find out more look below.

Table of contents:

#1. Our mission
#2. Who is in charge
#3. Meetings, meeting places and training
#4. Ranks
#5. Medals and how to get them
#6. Divisions
#7. Dress code
#8. Enemies and allies
#9. Application
#10. rules(This is the most importent thing so I saved it for last)

Our mission: Our mission is to simply protect other penguins,go deep into enemy territory and follow around suspicious looking penguins.

Who is in charge:
Leader: Pezrocker2
2nd in command:?
Leaders of divisions will be stated in the division section

Meetings, meeting places and training: All meetings will be held every other Saturday at 7:00 pst(penguin standerd time) at my igloo(it will be on the map). Training will be ran by me and it will be held at the snow forts. It will happen every Friday at 7:00 pst.(To see when the first meeting and training will be just read to the bottom.)

Ranks: Here are all the ranks:
2nd in command
Leader of(your division here)
Member of(your division here)

Medals and how to get them: Medals are just,well,medals. You get them by doing things.

Commandos: These are the best of the best. The commandos are the people that will go into enemy territory and the will also join the E.P.P. army on attacks. They are also lead by who ever is 2nd in command.
Commando leader:?
Commando member:?
Commando member:?

E.P.P. army: This division is like the actual army. They will go on attacks with the commandos.
E.P.P. army leader:?
E.P.P. army member:?
E.P.P. army member:?

Air assault force: They attack from above.(There is only one member and one leader for this group.)

Under cover agents: These penguins will walk around the town following the enemy and possibly finding out infromation. (There is only one leader and one member for this group.)

Dress code:
Commando dress code: Black tuxedo(secret agent suit) Black sun glasses, Black bow tie, Black sneakers, black color, any back round.

E.P.P. army dress code: Green tuxedo(saint Patricks day suit), saint Paricks day hat, green color,any back round.

Air assault force dress code: Propeler hat, any color, any back round.

Under cover agent dress code: Glasses with funny nose and mustach,any other clothing of your choice, any color, any back round.

Enemies and allies:
allies: C.P.S.U.

Application:(this is what you must right in your application)
cp name:
pi name:
what division you want to be in:
why you want to be in the E.P.P.:
(please pm me your application. after I say what division you are in and you dont have parts of the out fit pm me what you think you should wear instead and if I think it is good then you can wear it.)

Here are the rules you must follow:
#1.respect higher ranks and officers must wear you divisions out fit when we are training and meeting
#3.if you flame on here or pi you will lose medals then your rank
#4.never be mean to another penguin
#5.this is the most importent rule:HAVE FUN!!!

First meeting: April 7th
First training: April 13nth


I hope you join and have fun working for the E.P.P.

If nobody pm's me by Friday the 6th I wil close the E.P.P. down

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E.P.P.(Elite Penguin Protecors)
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