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PostSubject: penguin portal   penguin portal EmptySat May 19, 2007 5:55 pm

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Chapter 1
This was a normal day in clubpenguin everyone was playing with their puffles and other penguiny things but something was going wrong in the sky a meteor and something was going wrong in the hq G had spilt some cemicles and they were leaking into the drains.They leaked into the water systems an alert went out no penguins got poisened but Ooingo had put it in a bottle and launced the cemicles into the sky but there was something screwed up with the big space rock the 2 cemicles mixed and that with the explosion created a portal Bio8neo tried to run away."Oh no you're coming with me"said Ooingo as they both got sucked into the portal.

Chapter 2
Ooingo and Bio8neo dropped into a strange place,no doubt it wasn't earth.There were fires sky scrapers that had fallen over and there were strange plants everywhere.Suddenly the plants came to life."Draw your sword,DRAW YOUR SWORD"Bio8neo screamed frantically."Ooingo reached for his scavard but it was empty "I forgot my sword a home,but they are just plants,"said Ooingo as he set the plants ablaze "Now before the portal closes"said Ooingo but he was inturupted by a terrible voice "Invasion of club penguin comenses in 5 days""Well we better get more people and my sword and slash and blast these people strait to heck"said Ooingo as him and Bio8neo jumped back into the portal.

Chapter 3
"Go ask G to make something to keep this open"said Ooingo to Bio8neo "I'll go and get my sword".When Ooingo got to his Igloo basement he saw something surprising."This isn't my sword"said Ooingo.He lifted the sword and it had a small insignea in it.Mean while talented97 saw the portal not knowing what was she touched it getting sucking sucked in instantly and getting seized by the villians instantly talented screamed lound enough to be heard in club penguin.Ooingo heard it instantly and jumped in

Chapter 4
"Who was screaming"said Ooingo as talented was being hawled off behind him.Ooingo drew his sword "I'm gunna carve them good"said Ooingo as the sword started to vibrate"What the"said Ooingo as his feathers turned to fur and his beak turned to a soggy nose and his flippers morfed into paws with razor sharp claws
"The sword it's inside me"Ooingo thought to himself.suddenly he saw talented being hawled away.He ran but he was ambushed and thrown back into the portal unfortunately he hadn't gotten the hang of changing back.
penguin portal 4vnqgc6

Chapter 5
Ooingo growled at the portal he walked down the street forgetting he was a wolf he bumped into Chad222 "When did he get so ta- oh right i'm a wolf"thought Ooingo.Chad was alarmed and started to beat on Ooingo with a stick.Ooingo growled suddenly a bunch of puffles swarmed him,at this point chad was weirded out
Ooingo concentrated and forphed back into a penguin holding the sword "Ahhhh,The demons are attacking again"screeched Chad222."No it's the sword "said Ooingo "I guess when you're holding it it will transform you back into your normal state.Bio8neo and G came back and Ooingo explained it all.
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penguin portal
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